Where to Get Free Boxes for Moving 

Moving can be one of the most stressful life experiences. On top of organizing all your belongings, storing them securely, and packing them up efficiently, you need to get moving supplies like boxes that fit your items and your budget. While it may seem daunting to find moving boxes, there are several ways to get … Read more

The Moving Box Buyer’s Guide


Are you planning to move to Bronx or from the Bronx? Don’t worry 5 Star Movers LLC has got you covered! Packing up for a move is easy. There are plenty of options available. Moving boxes aren’t all the same, though – they come in different sizes and will suit certain needs better than others; … Read more

Guide to Moving Pods

Mover Boxes

Get To Know What Moving Pods Are The moving industry is developing on a daily basis. Better and more convenient methods of haulage are being invented. The need to reduce the stress associated with Bronx relocation is pushing the industry to its limit. Moving pods are containers for moving items. These should not be mistaken … Read more