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Our skilled crew has years of expertise relocating homes in the Bronx. Get free quotes from us today! When looking at transportation options, you should settle for your perfect match and not the first option you come across. It would be best to make comparisons until you are left with the best option among the available ones. This article will cover an overview of the three available options that you can consider as your transportation when moving locations.

Rental Truck for Moving

This is the type of transportation that has been in the market for a very long time. You will be able to rent a truck from a rental company, one that is the correct size to comfortably fit all the things you need to move to your new place. It will then be up to you, and maybe the help you may get from friends and family, to load the truck and unload it when you get to your destination. You are also the one who will drive the truck to your new location as you are using the Do-It-Yourself type of move. When you are hiring the rental trucks, you will also be offered some tips as these are players who have been in the moving industry for quite a long time; thus, they know a thing or two about hauling luggage from one place to another. The pay for a local DIY move will be near $155. While a short-distance move can be estimated to cost around $225, a long-distance move can go up to $971 on average. You will also have to factor in the money that you will need to get insurance and gas for the truck during the process.

Moving Containers

This transportation option is among the new ones in the moving industry. You hire a moving container from a shipping company. Then you can take enough time to have all your items packed up nicely in it and get a driver who will come and pick it up. After, you can bring your things to your destination or to a place you plan to store your stuff in. You get to have the key alone to ensure that your items are safe in the container. However, these containers are a little more expensive when compared to the rental trucks as they vary around $500 for any local and short moves. They then go up to $5000 when it comes to long-distance moves. For long moves, you get offered two containers of large sizes.

Freight Trucks for Moving

This type of transportation option is usually preferred for the delicate stuff that needs to be transported, especially across long distances. This truck is a trailer that is 28 feet big which you need to rent but is driven only by a professional driver. However, you get to pack, load, and unload stuff on your own. Your items then are transported with other people's things which are separated using dividers, so there is no chance of there being a mix-up of any kind. Only then will you get to pay for the amount of space that you use, so the prices are similar to that of rental trucks, just that, in this case, you are not the one who is going to drive.

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