Famous landmarks in the Bronx.

What are the Famous landmarks in the Bronx? These days, most likely when it is featured in a movie or tv show. Sometimes we miss the prominent significant landmarks just because they have not been used on television.

Here are five places in the Bronx that you should visit at least once in your lifetime.

Van Cortland Park

the Bronx

Did you know that New York used to be woodlands? Visit Van Cortland Park to experience one of the last pieces of the natural woodland area in North West Bronx. With galas and parties and different events being held continuously, you will never be bored when visiting Van Cortland Park. Should you be a permanent resident here, you can even jog in the park and do many other physical activities. Why jog in the busy streets when you can take a little time and exercise here and overlook the third largest park in New York City.

New York Botanical Gardens

Not just a place for beautiful photos! With their active interest in nature conservation, the Botanical Gardens has a lot to offer the visitor, like music and poetry events and even lectures. If you can watch out for the dates of certain circumstances, you can visit the beautiful scenery as well as enjoy a bit of slam poetry! Also, an excellent destination for the amateur photographer, or maybe even the pro!

Van Cortland Museum

While you’re in the area, why not take a tour of the Van Cortland Museum? This is a very informative museum and the oldest building in the borough of New York. You will experience stories of days gone by and what life was like in New York when it just began to thrive. Learn about what happened and who made it happen for New York to become a unique city. Book a trip now, whether it is for yourself or your school. The museum offers excellent packages to accommodate everyone.

Yankee Stadium

the Bronx

Yankee Stadium. Enough said! Even if you don’t like sports, Yankee Stadium is one of those places that you see on television and in the movies. You don’t have to sit through a baseball match if that is not your thing. The stadium offers behind the scenes tours as well. It is, however, worth it to see at least one game in Yankee Stadium!

The Bronx Zoo

Pumpkin carving and a parade? The Bronx Zoo offers so much more than just animals. Visiting the Bronx zoo, especially with family, may well turn out to be a weekend trip. If you take two minutes to visit the website, you can find a date and an event that will suit you best and experience the zoo with another themed event as well! Not to be missed, the Halloween calendar is extremely lively and will entertain you and your family like no other place in the Bronx.

The Bronx Borough is a rich tapestry of places and people, perfectly coupled with links to the past and celebrations for the future. Never a dull moment in the Bronx! If you are interested in Relocating to the Bronx, look for the best moving company in the Bronx.

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