How do I relocate as a senior in the Bronx, NY?

The likelihood of relocation could be apparent as age brings a new set of turns. Some reasons could be due to differences in health care, presence of an advance community health, new nursing homes, new family home, home resemble, a suitable place for senior living, senior center, intention to seek a new community, other influence on relocation, cheaper cost of living, ideal leisure activities, estate sales, aiming for green space, or an excellent outdoor spaces, etc.

A few people move every couple of years, or more often, but others remain in the same place for many decades. But there are times when it comes to a point in their lives that it is finally necessary to relocate.

However, these moves are accompanied by a new set of challenges as a senior. A new observed health issue could hinder your ability to be independent and financial issues can make it more challenging to sustain your lifestyle, and adult children moving too far away locations can make you feel disconnected from your home.

Further, moving is an enormous ordeal for everyone, and seniors may face particular issues regarding moving. Seniors might require extra assistance with planning, downsizing, and even executing the relocation. As a person age, they tend to gather and possess more things in their homes. Thus, specific physical or safety considerations can make moving more challenging.

If you're a senior and are moving soon, don't worry. With the right tools and the advice on moving for seniors following and below, you'll be prepared to handle any challenges accompanied in relocation.


Why moving as a Senior Citizen is essential?

In a Likelihood of relocation, there are many reasons why moving as a senior citizen is essential:

  1. It can help improve your overall individual health and well-being.
  2. It can help you stay active and independent.
  3. It can help reduce your risk of falls and other injuries.
  4. It can help you maintain your mental health and cognitive function.
  5. It can help you connect with other people and build new relationships.
  6. Moving as a senior citizen is an excellent way to improve your quality of life and maintain your independence.
  7. It can help you maintain Physical health.
  8. It can prevent you from poor health conditions or poor health status.
  9. It allows you to be closer to health services.

Further, Late-life relocation is vital to old-age adults to ensure the quality of community environment. The new location may offer a more beneficial health care utilization or a continuing care community that would keep the health of seniors in good shape.

Sleep could also be a good reason for an elderly adult to relocate. It may happen that their current place is not that ideal for a deeper sleep due to some factors such as noises, pollution, etc., which somehow affect their overall sleep activity. Sleep is crucial since humans (though studies show that seniors tend to require fewer sleep hours than their younger counterparts) need it for good memory care and to maintain excellent cognitive activity. Having a good sleep, as one measures of health conditions, also helps you to avoid poor health conditions. Thus, a place where they could have a deeper sleep is always a good choice.


Things to look into when moving as a Senior

Prepare the floor plan for your new space

A precise measurement will help you determine the number of your existing belongings you will have space for in your new area. Knowing the floor plan can help you reduce your choices to the things that will fit into your new home. A floor plan will allow you to determine how you would like to arrange things ahead of time.

Begin with the big things

If you decide on the items to bring, get the biggest and heaviest items first: couches, chairs, beds, dressers, beds, and tables. They will be the biggest and determine the number of other things you can bring.

Pay attention to your mental well-being

Moving can be complicated for senior citizens. Seniors may suffer from Relocation Stress Syndrome, which may manifest as depression or anxiety. Ensure you get enough rest and pay attention to your emotions and stress levels throughout the process. If you are moving away from friends or family members, make sure you stay in touch with them and stay connected to your support system.

Pay attention to your physical ability

Ensure that you are physically able to make a move. If you experience any medical issues or problems that might make moving difficult, talk to your doctor first.

Support system

A level support system around is also a good idea. Hence, if you have family or friends who can help you with the move, make sure they know your plans and are available to help.

Get assistance from Organizations

Seniors are often eligible for discounts and discounts for moving services, such as American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) discounts for rental moving trucks. The good thing is that many businesses and organizations specialize in helping seniors move from concierge-style senior moving specialists to local non-profits that offer assistance with moving to seniors and their families, these services aid seniors to make the transition to new homes.

Also, consider employing a senior move manager certified by the National Association of Senior Move Managers. This way, you'll free yourself from handling all aspects of your move since their services include planning, packing, and organizing everything. Direct consultation with the National Association of Senior Move Managers could also give you referrals for the ideal senior move manager around your place.

American Association of Retired Persons

Suppose you're an active member of AARP Check for available benefits that you can get for your relocation. For instance, members currently have discounts of 10%-20% on the cost of hiring a moving truck for a full-service move. Members of AARP can also take advantage of a complimentary consultation.

Hire Professional Senior Movers if necessary

Most seniors are physically incapable of making a move themselves. But this should not be an issue, there are professional moving companies that can help. Moving Companies usually provide a senior move manager that would help you with a full-service move. Most of them charge on an hourly rate basis. In hiring one of them, make sure you find one that offers the most affordable rates. Thus, to have a successful senior move for senior relocation, resorting to a Moving Company such as 5 Star Movers LLC could be a good choice.

There are a variety of community environments. Professional movers could also recommend places for an age-friendly environment that could have a familiar environment for you. Having a stable environment could also help you enjoy your new home.

Compare institutions/organizations that offer senior moving services

Moving costs can be expensive. However, many of them offer senior discounts. Associations or clubs to which you belong may provide additional discounts. When you are evaluating moving companies, also consider reviews and recommendations. You might want to consider hiring a senior move manager certified by the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) to do senior move management that will take care of every aspect of your moves, such as planning, packing, and organizing. Aid from the NASMM is also ideal since they can provide Senior move managers with backgrounds in gerontology, social work, health care, nursing, etc., that will indeed.

Ensure that your new home is safe and accessible

If you plan to move into a new home, make sure it is safe to live in. If you have any mobility issues, make sure the house is accessible. It is also ideal that your new place has a lovely green space or outdoor spaces for your daily activities.

Near a Nursing Home

As a senior, it cannot be denied that somehow or another, a time will come when you will need a nursing home. Thus, your new residence must be somehow near a nursing home. This is for your convenience as, in case of an emergency, you can immediately go to the institution without any hassle. Further, rates for every location vary, so relocating to a new place with a lower cost of living may entail cheaper medical expenses. A senior move manager could be of help in looking for such areas.



In relocating, you should consider several important factors such as your health, availability of health services, Health Care Utilization, your ability to downsize and declutter, your financial situation, your support network, access to an assisted living facility, ensure an assisted living community, and your need for any assistance while enjoying activities of daily living.

If you can manage these aspects of a move, relocating can offer many benefits in terms of increased independence, social engagement, and opportunities for new experiences. Resorting to a reputable moving company that will aid you in your entire move to a new town or new environment could also be a good choice to protect, not just your belongings, but your health as well.

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