Moving Across the Country on a Budget? Make It Easy With These 13 Cheap Ways

Are you looking for the best way to move across the country at the lowest cost? We don't blame you. It's not surprising that you are concerned about costs. The average cost to hire professional movers in the Bronx is $4,890 for a move within the United States (based on a weight of 7,500 lbs and a distance of 1,000 mi). Even the cheapest cross-country movers are likely to cost thousands of dollars.

There are cheaper options for cross-country moves. Renting a moving box or hiring only labor-only movers, you can have a cost-effective moving experience. Your budget and individual needs will determine the best way to move cross-country. Remember, however, that moving the cheapest may not be your best option.

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1. DIY Move

Packingpack, all your belongings in a car, driving yourself is the cheapest. You may have to do much more decluttering and donate or sell most of your possessions. This is the best option if the cost of moving is essential to you. Be warned that a DIY move will cost you more than just gas.

2. Rent a Moving Truck

Rent a moving van from a reliable truck rental company to drive nationwide. You can save thousands by choosing to make your move. The cost of renting a truck usually includes the rental rate, fuel, and insurance. Remember that rental trucks don't have great gas mileage. Rental trucks are typically only able to get around ten mpg. You'll need about 200 gallons to drive 2,000 miles across the country. The fuel capacity of the rental truck is 30 gallons. You'll have to stop for gas at least seven times during the road trip.

Rates for truck rental can vary depending on the date and location. To find the best price, get a quote from every company in your locality. You can get a quote from companies like Enterprise Truck Rental or Budget Truck Rental just visit their website to get started.

3. Select a Hybrid Move

A hybrid move combines a DIY move and hiring professional moving assistance. If you're looking to save money, don't need to move far, or have little stuff to move, this is a better option than hiring a moving company. You could employ moving labor professionals to help load items into a rental truck or van. 

Once you arrive at your new home, you can hire a team of moving laborers to help unload. You can pack and load your items and hire a moving company to transport them. You can outsource the parts of your move you aren't able or don't wish to perform. 

Does this sound appealing? Check out online reviews to find the best moving companies.

4. Rent a Moving Container

Moving containers are one of the most popular options for cross-country moving. Renting a moving container can be a great alternative to hiring full-service movers. Renting a portable container is less expensive than hiring a moving company. Second, portable containers can be stored before and after the move.

The cost will vary depending on how long you rent the container and its size. Renting a moving box for a long-distance move can cost between $2,000 and $3,000 monthly. You'll notice the difference when you compare it to the $4,000-$9,000 that professional cross-country moving companies will charge. You only need to load the moving container with your belongings and boxes. The container company will take care of the rest.

5. Use a Freight Trailer

A large moving trailer is better than a moving company for transporting your possessions nationwide. A freight moving company will deliver a large (28-foot) trailer and allow you three days to fill it. The company will then pick up the trailer and drive it to your home. Renting a freight truck is often several thousand dollars less expensive than hiring a moving company.

6. Select a Cheaper Moving Date

You may not believe it, but the time you pick to move will significantly impact your costs. You can save money by avoiding peak moving times and days. This includes truck rentals, moving services, and more. Avoid weekends, the months from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and each month's first and final weeks. Between October and April, aim for a move that occurs in the middle of the day.

7. Ship Your Stuff

Shipping your belongings across the country is an excellent option for moving a few items. This might also be the most convenient option you've ever considered. You can ship large objects online through different service providers.

8. Free Moving Boxes and Supplies

The best way to reduce the cost of long-distance moves is to use as many free moving materials as possible. Find used boxes, packaging paper, and packing tape at local retailers, online markets, and community groups. Craigslist is a great place to find free moving supplies. Other locations include local liquor stores and online marketplaces. Asking friends and family members for boxes is also a good idea.

9. Have Your Employer Pay for the Move

Have you landed a new position? Congrats! It is recommended to ask about your company's policies if you are moving to work. It's worth asking HR about this. Many companies pay all or part for the move. Some companies may have a preferred cross-country moving company. Save all receipts, even if your company pays for the move. You can document your costs and receive proper reimbursement for the move.

10. Moving Labor

Are you looking for someone to load and unload a truck rental? There are several moving labor options for hiring a full-service moving company. Some of these services include donation pickups and packing assistance. You can search for local moving companies through an online marketplace. You can save thousands by hiring a labor-only moving company instead of a full-service one.

11. Ask Your Friends and Family Members for Help

You can also ask your family and friends to help you move. This is the most cost-effective way to move across the country. You may need to accommodate other people's schedules and wish to repay your friends differently.

12. Look for Discounts

Do your research before moving to find out which moving companies, moving supplies, moving containers, and truck rental retailers offer discounts and deals. These discounts are often so generous they can make an expensive moving company the most cost-effective option. Several companies offer military discounts to those who have served or are serving in the military.

13. Declutter, Sell, and Donate

You probably have a lot more stuff than you need. You can save money by decluttering and selling items before moving. The easier and cheaper your move will be, the less you'll have to move. Packing less will make unpacking much easier.

You can rent space at a flea market or have a yard sale if you're patient and have time. You can sell your belongings online. Selling items online has never been easier, thanks to marketplaces such as Mercari OfferUp LetGo, Craigslist, Facebook, eBay, Amazon, and Nextdoor.com. Also, consider specialty stores. If you have good-condition clothes, you could sell them at sites such as Buffalo Exchange or local consignment shops in your area. You can find specialty shops, including cameras, clothes, electronics, books, and CDs.

Don't you have time to sell your home? Donate any items that you no longer need. Heavy furniture, sports equipment, and other large items can take up a lot of space and require a bigger, more expensive moving truck. If possible, it's best to get rid of heavy items before moving, as many long-distance movers will charge you by weight. These items could be more expensive to move than to repurchase after moving. So, donate, donate, donate. Here are some ideas for donating household items during a move. Many non-profits will pick up your furniture for free if you are in a rush.

Movers in the Bronx: How To Save Money on a Cross-Country Move

movers in the Bronx

  • Consider insurance if you ship expensive items: Moving insurance may be costly but can save you money. It is essential if you are planning to move expensive or valuable items.
  • Ask about deductibles: Ask about deductibles when discussing insurance with your moving firm. The customer must pay the out-of-pocket amount before the moving company has to pay insurance money. Some moving companies have a deductible that they charge before paying an insurance claim. If the movers damage something less than $500 and the deductible is only $500, you may have to pay for the repair.
  • Obtain multiple moving quotes: Give yourself ample time to compare moving quotes. Interview movers at least six months in advance. Moving companies tend to be booked six to eight weeks before the move. The further in advance you plan, the better the offers.
  • Ship your household goods by train, bus, freight, moving company, or USPS: You can ship via train, bus, or freight company. Also, you can use USPS, FedEx, and UPS. How many boxes you need to ship will determine the best method. These options are good if you only want to ship a few boxes.
  • Choose the right boxes for each room: The best boxes to use in the kitchen are corrugated, while wardrobe boxes and plastic bins work well for the bedroom. Bankers can be used for the office. You can get free boxes and use them for your living room, books, and other knick-knacks.
  • Create a moving checklist: Take a look at some helpful tips for planning a move. In addition, find an ultimate moving day checklist, a checklist for moving to another state, a checklist for moving with children, a checklist for moving with seniors, a checklist of essential items when moving, and a checklist for moving with pets.
  • Sell some items: Unsure how much you should set aside before moving across the country? It's possible to move even if your finances are tight. Research and planning are essential. Sell what you can, but hold onto the essentials. Be realistic. Moving from one state to another with limited funds will be difficult but not impossible.
  • Pack like a professional: Packing yourself can save time and money, even if you hire professional movers to help with your move. Learn how to prepare the supplies, label and wrap clothes, and pack the kitchen.
  • Do not forget to update your address: You'll want to notify the correct people about your move, in addition to the obvious things like renting a truck, buying packing materials, and acquiring moving supplies. You should do this sooner rather than later to avoid any potential problems such as missed bills, service lapses, or late charges.


What is the most affordable way to move across the country?

You're able to save thousands of dollars by doing it yourself. You will likely save thousands. A full-service company may cost between $4,000 and $9,000 for an interstate move. Truck rentals are much more affordable at $1,200 and $2,000 monthly. You can save money by packing yourself before ruthlessly reducing your belongings.

What is the cost of moving across the country?

How you move will determine the cost. The average cost for a long-distance move when you hire a moving company is $4,300. This is based on a weight of 7,400 lbs and a distance of 1,225 mi. A moving container is a more cost-effective solution. On average, a moving container costs $2 535 for a long-distance move. The truck rental rates will vary depending on the distance, day, and time.

How do you begin a cross-country move?

Create (or use an existing) moving checklist to determine the scope and establish a time frame. Next, declutter and purge your home to reduce the weight of your move. Get at least three moving quotes from professionals to help set your budget. These cross-country moving suggestions will help you keep your sanity.

What is the best free moving cost estimator?

You can find many online. For moving estimates, hiring professionals like 5 Star Movers LLC' moving cost estimator is recommended. Tell me where you are moving to and the new address of your home. Select the number of bedrooms, the packing services you need, and the date you are moving. Top movers will give you a cost estimate that considers all these factors.

Which is better: renting a truck or a moving box?

Moving is a great way to save some money. Renting a truck is the cheapest option for moving. Unlike a moving company that handles all the transport for you, you will need to drive your truck. However, the best way to move depends on your budget and needs. You'll also need to consider how much work you are willing and able to do. Are you able, for example, to load and unload a container by yourself? Hire a long-distance moving service to manage your move if you cannot do so. Consider the pros and cons of each selection and how much you can afford to spend on your move.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Long-Distance Moving Company

When it comes to long-distance moves, few things can compare with the convenience and ease of a full-service mover. Reliable and reputable movers in the Bronx, like 5 Star Movers LLC, allow you to find and book the best cross-country movers easily. You can also get a quote from a long-distance mover. You can be assured that all moving companies are insured and licensed, so your move is in good hands. Happy moving, and good luck.

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