I Need Help Moving: What Do I Do?

If you have ever moved before, then you know how stressful the process can be. Whether it’s packing up all of your valuables and personal belongings or carrying them from one house to another, this is not an easy task for a single person. If you are looking for help with moving but don’t want to spend money on professional movers, consider hiring “moving help” services instead!

As we discussed earlier, moving is very stressful for a single person. The process requires you to pack up your valuables and personal belongings to move them from one house to another. It can also require carrying heavy boxes or furniture as well as unpacking everything when it arrives at the new destination. If you are looking for help with moving, then it might be a good idea to consider hiring “moving help” services instead of a full-service move.

Moving Labor Help By the Hour

Hiring professionals can be expensive. These are people who make their living by helping you move and they will charge an hourly rate for the service. If your home is not that large or if there’s little furniture inside of it, the hefty price that comes with hiring professionals may not be worth the investment. Hiring full-service movers can take a lot of time too!

Labor Only Movers

Movers without trucks are referred to as “moving helpers.” These movers load and unload moving trucks, moving containers, freight trailers, pickup trucks, etc. These experts supply the muscle to move your goods securely and efficiently. Moving helpers are used for do-it-yourself moves involving a truck, trailer, or container that’s been rented separately to transport your goods.

Speaking of which, renting a moving truck, trailer, or container is something you will notably need to do. That is the first expense you will incur when hiring “moving help.” That can be expensive and can vary in price depending on how big they are. If you have too many items and cannot fit them into your moving container or trailer, renting a larger one might be more suitable for completing your move with moving helpers.

How Much Do Moving Helpers Cost

The cost of “moving help” will vary. There are many different moving helper companies. Their prices can differ depending on what you need when the move is happening and how large your items are. Typically, a person that provides moving labor assistance charges at least $3 and should not charge more than $50 per hour.

Moving helpers are a great alternative to professional movers because they charge less and take much less time. You can find moving labor services in your area by using the internet or even asking around for referrals from friends who have moved before!

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