Piano Moving Equipment

Equipment for Piano Moving

Moving to a new home can be hectic. Homeowners who are well-established with many household items & furniture don’t even want to hear the word “relocation.” It’s a nightmare they do not want to be part of.

The items most homeowners are likely to include on their move may be bulky. On the rare occasion that a homeowner only has a small selection of furniture to bring with them, they could also have plenty. This means a lot of work will have to be done if the move is to be successful. Think of the pianos, for example. They are huge and occupy a lot of space, and they definitely can’t be carried by just one person.

Moving in The Bronx with pianos requires a special approach with them being expensive and delicate properties. To do a haul like this, several types of equipment are used to facilitate safe haulage.

Piano Casters

You have to be in the know of the grand piano weight in advance. This will lead you to the selection of the right piano casters and labor force to use. Casters are small wheeled equipment that is mostly four-wheeled, which are the four small wheels will make a rectangular platform where the piano can be placed.

The essence of this caster is to ensure that your piano is moved safely around the room. That is to, of course, prevent damage to the floor finish whether in the old or new home. The piano casters, however, are known to fail in this purpose greatly. They are considered decorative rather than functional with the gouge they give to the floors during piano rolling.

Piano Dolly

This is a lot like the caster due to the similarity in function. The dollies are four-wheeled, and they form a kind of a platform where the piano can lie on. All the piano weight is exerted on the dolly during rolling. Dollies are, however, better than the casters in function because they allow more flexibility even on inclined planes.

Take Note

If you have a piano you are moving with; then you need to understand some crucial details that come with it. First, it's safe to say you don’t want to lose the piano. Second, the piano has to be functional and free of damage when you reach your new home. Getting a new one will cost you a fortune.

Room for gamble should not be tolerated for the piano haulage, you will be required to be professional all the way. Most importantly, the moving helpers and the moving company personnel should be tactical in the same area. Responsibility is required in all the stages of packing and hauling. Stick to that.

Piano Moving In A Nutshell

It is not advisable that the pianos be moved every now and then. However, people have to relocate with their valuables. In such times, you need to use the right equipment and professionals to leave no room for damage. Selecting the best moving company will also contribute to the minimization of contingencies.

Feel comfortable moving your piano with the best equipment. Call 5 Star Movers LLC at (212) 913 0231 for piano moving in The Bronx.


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