Piano Moving

Piano moving is one of the most demanding and delicate tasks involved in relocating items. It requires careful planning, specialized equipment, and an expert team to get the job done safely. Whether you’re moving a grand piano or a spinet up multiple flights of stairs, it can be tricky navigating tight corners and doorways as well as maneuvering the instrument in and out of your home. But with the right preparation and a bit of know-how, you’ll be able to get your prized possession safely to its new destination.

This article is here to give you the basics of moving your piano. From understanding the different components of a piano to determining if it’s better for you to move it yourself or hire professional movers, this guide will provide all the information, you need for a successful and stress-free relocation.

Moving a Piano Safely Without Professional Movers

Moving a piano like an upright or grand piano can be intimidating, especially if you are doing it yourself. But with the right preparation and knowledge, it can be done safely and efficiently. Before attempting to move your piano, you need to consider a few things, such as assessing the size of your instrument, determining if you have enough help to lift it, protecting walls from damage, and acquiring the necessary equipment for transporting it.

The following sections will guide you through each step of the moving process so that you can move your piano with peace of mind.

Before Moving a Piano

Here are the steps to take before you start moving your piano:

Find the appropriate moving supplies and materials.

The first step when moving a piano is to get the proper supplies. You’ll need a dolly, which is a two-wheeled platform for transporting heavy items, and furniture blankets or pads to protect your instrument from scratches and dents. If you’re dealing with stairs, you might also need furniture straps or rope to tie the piano onto the dolly securely.

Whether it's spinet pianos or grand pianos, it’s a good idea to find out what piano type you have before you start looking for moving supplies. Knowing the size and type of piano will help you determine which supplies are best suited for your relocation needs.

That said, it’s always better to err on caution and use more supplies than you think you’ll need. Doing so can help prevent any unwanted damage to your piano. And if you don’t have access to the necessary moving supplies, it might be a good idea to hire professional piano moving services who can bring their own equipment.

Protect the Keyboard

It’s important to protect the piano's keyboard from any dust, dirt, and debris during a move. A common practice is to wrap the keys with paper or plastic before moving them, although some people prefer to place a blanket over them instead.

This step is especially important if you are transporting your piano outside, as wind or rain could damage the keys. Additionally, it’s best to keep the piano upright for as long as possible during transport to minimize jarring and shifting of the internal components.

Once you have successfully moved your piano, you should then clean and dust off the keyboard with a soft cloth or brush. Doing so will help keep your piano in good condition and keep the keys functioning properly.

Wrap the Piano

Wrapping a piano in protective blankets or covers is essential to ensure that it doesn’t get scratched, dented, or damaged during a move. This step is especially important if you are going to be loading the instrument onto a truck and need to secure it in place so that it doesn’t shift while being transported.

You can use furniture blankets or large quilts to wrap your piano. Make sure that the blanket is wrapped around the entire instrument and not just placed over it, as doing so will provide additional protection for all of its components.

Once you have secured the protective covering, you’ll need to tie everything in place with furniture straps or rope. This will help keep the piano securely in place and prevent it from falling off the truck while being transported.

Measure doorways, staircases, and hallways.

Another important step when moving a piano is to measure any doorways, staircases, and hallways that you will need to pass through. Doing so will help determine if the size of your instrument will fit through these areas easily.

If there isn’t enough clearance for the piano, then you might need to consider other options such as dismantling some of the piano's components or using a smaller vehicle to transport it. You should also check for any tight turns or narrow passageways you may need to maneuver around while carrying your instrument. This way, you can prepare in advance and make sure that you have enough people and supplies needed for a successful piano moving.

Enlist as many helpers as possible.

Moving a piano is not an easy task and requires a lot of physical strength. As such, it’s best to enlist as many helpers as possible to make the job easier. Make sure that all your helpers understand what needs to be done and how they can help during the move.

It's also a good idea to assign one person to be the lead and coordinate everyone else’s movements. This individual should also be responsible for communicating any important instructions or changes so that all helpers are on the same page.

Upright piano moving

When moving an upright piano, it’s important to get as many people as possible to help lift the instrument onto a dolly or other wheeled device. All helpers should work together to lift the piano and make sure that it is balanced on the dolly evenly before attempting to move it.

Once the piano is securely on the dolly, you can then proceed to move it out of its current location and towards the truck. When loading the piano onto the truck, you should make sure that it is secured in place with straps or furniture blankets so that it does not shift during transport.

When unloading from the truck, all helpers should work together to lift the piano off the truck and onto a dolly or other wheeled device before moving it to its new home. All individuals involved must be aware of their responsibilities and understand each step in the process.

Grand piano moving

Moving grand pianos or even concert grand pianos is a bit more complicated than upright pianos, as it involves taking the instrument apart before being loaded onto the truck. This process typically starts with removing the lid and legs of the piano, followed by disassembling its strings and other components. Once all parts have been removed, you can then proceed to lift them onto the truck using a dolly or other wheeled device.

When unloading the piano, it’s important to work as a team and make sure that each section is lifted carefully onto the floor before proceeding to reassemble all components. This process can be difficult and should only be done with help from multiple people – preferably individuals who have experience in piano moving.

After the piano move

Once the piano move is complete, it’s important to take a few extra steps to ensure that your instrument is in top condition for years to come. First, you should make sure that all moving supplies, such as straps, blankets, and dollies, are removed from the area. You should also check around the piano for any damages that may have been caused during the move and make sure that these are addressed before using the instrument again.

Finally, it’s also a good idea to tune your piano once it has been properly placed in its new home. Doing so will help ensure that all notes sound as they should and that your instrument is ready for use again.

Hiring Professionals 

Piano moving is a difficult and potentially dangerous task that should not be taken lightly. Depending on the size of your instrument, it might require multiple individuals to move it from one place to another successfully. If you’re not comfortable with tackling this job yourself, then hiring piano movers may be the best option for you.

Here's why you should consider hiring professionals that offer piano moving services:

Why hire professionals?

Hiring piano movers to move a piano can save you time and stress. Not only will they have access to specialized equipment that may make the job easier, but they’ll also be insured in case of any accidents or damages.

A professional piano moving company also has experience handling delicate instruments like pianos and knows how to safely transport them without putting them or anyone else at risk. This can be especially beneficial if you’re moving a grand piano, which requires taking the instrument apart before loading it onto a truck.

Finally, hiring a piano moving service may also reduce the chance of damaging your home when moving large pieces of furniture – which is always a concern when dealing with heavy instruments. So, if you’re looking for a hassle-free way to move your piano, then it's definitely worth considering hiring piano movers.

How much does it cost to move the piano?

A piano moving cost can vary depending on the size of your instrument and where you’re located. Generally, it will cost more to move grand pianos than an upright one due to its added complexity.

In most cases, professional piano movers will charge an hourly rate for their services. This rate usually covers labor, materials, and truck rental (if necessary). It’s important to do some research and get quotes from a few different companies before making a decision.

At the end of the day, the cost of piano moving should be weighed against your own comfort level when it comes to tackling this job yourself. If you’re not confident enough in your abilities, then it may be best to leave it up to the professionals for a stress-free experience.

Final Thoughts

Piano moving can be a daunting task, but with the right team of professionals and the right attitude, it’s an achievable goal. Hiring professional movers to take on this difficult job will give you peace of mind that your instrument is in good hands while ensuring it arrives safely at its destination.

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Can you move a piano yourself?

Yes, it is technically possible to move a piano by yourself. However, it is not advisable because of the size and weight of the instrument. Piano moving also requires specific equipment and techniques to ensure that the piano does not sustain any damage during transportation.

For these reasons, we highly recommend hiring a piano moving company for this job so that you can be sure that your instrument will arrive safely at its destination.

Do you need a specialist to move a piano?

Yes, it is highly recommended that you hire a specialist to move your piano. Professional piano movers are trained to handle the size and weight of the instrument and will have the right equipment to ensure safe transportation. They also know how to properly wrap and secure the piano during transit so that it does not incur any damage.

Hiring professional piano movers will also give you peace of mind that your instrument is in good hands while ensuring it arrives safely at its destination.

How heavy is an upright piano?

Classic upright pianos typically weigh anywhere between 500 and 800 pounds. However, the exact weight will vary based on the size and type of model.

It is important to note that pianos are delicate instruments and require special handling when being moved. This is why it is best to hire professional piano movers for this task so that your instrument arrives safely and without any damage.

How many people does it take to move a piano?

It typically takes two to four people to move a piano. However, if the instrument is particularly large or heavy, a larger team of professionals may be needed. A professional piano mover understands how to handle safely and transport a piano and will have the right equipment for the job.

At 5 Star Movers LLC, we offer a professional piano moving service that can help you with your piano move, no matter the size or distance. Call us at (212) 913-0231 or visit our website https://5starmoversllc.com/ to learn more!



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