Planning for a Full Service Move The Right Way

Before settling on which company to make a full service move for you, you will find out that it will require a lot of preparation that is not done for the other types of moves such as the DIY or the Hybrid move. This type of move as it is known will require you to put all the work on a particular company so you are supposed to have carried out the necessary extensive research so that you settle on the right moving company to do this work for you. It would be best if you were sure that the company you are set to hire has a solid reputation and is also very professional in doing their work since they will control your private home items.  


Settle on the Moving Date


You should make sure that you have settled on an appropriate date to have your stuff moved, which will also depend on the professionals’ availability that you will have hired. Most of the companies will ask you for maybe four up to six weeks to come and start packing so for this short window, you could use it to pack up the little valuables that you would not trust to leave it for anyone, even the movers. 


Carry Out Extensive Homework on the Company


There are a lot of frauds and cons who have sadly plagued the moving industry. You are therefore, much safer if you vet the movers that you have settled on. It is better to look out for those who have realistic customer reviews, those who will still be there to respond to the reviews, and try to correct if they had some shortcomings on their parts. You should look for the movers who have excellent customer skills and there is concrete proof to support this so that you also feel safe and in good and capable hands.  


Seek To Know All Estimates

Full Service Move


Make sure that early in advance, you have received the price quotes. This should come from at least four different companies that offer the full-service move you are interested in. It is then up to you to decide which of the companies you might settle on based on the quotes so you have to compare those prices and determine the one that best suits your budget. 




After you have done all the necessary considerations and have found the best moving company that will suit all your requirements, you can then inform them and prepare to help you move. You also have to sign all the necessary documents to seal and bind the business contract for an agreed duration until they have completed offering the approved service to you.


If You Want To Do Anything, Decide what it is


The price might go low if you offer to pack a few valuables on your own, so you also need to inform the movers of this in advance while still coming up with the move’s plans. 

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