The Moving Box Buyer’s Guide

Are you planning to move to Bronx or from the Bronx? Don't worry 5 Star Movers LLC has got you covered! Packing up for a move is easy. There are plenty of options available. Moving boxes aren't all the same, though – they come in different sizes and will suit certain needs better than others; not every box is created equal! Whether you want an inexpensive option or one that's sturdy enough to protect your fragile goods, here's what you need as well as where to find each type:

Where You Can Purchase Moving Boxes

Those looking for quality moving boxes have a wide variety of options. You can find them in many places, like having your movers provide some or buying movable ones from the store at an affordable price.

A convenient and cost-effective way to obtain moving boxes is for the mover company to bring them during your move. Those looking for factory direct can try Uline, while those in a hurry should be able to find them at Staples or other office supply stores.

Types of Boxes for Moving

The following are some of the most popular moving boxes you can choose from to house your moving inventory.

Boxes or cartons for wardrobes. If you want to take clothes hanging with you during the move, these boxes are great. Additionally, these boxes are helpful if you want your drapes or curtains to travel wrinkle-free.

Mirror boxes. Various cartons are available and are ideal for transporting easily damaged items, like glass tabletop covers, mirrors, or picture frames. It is a good idea to measure your home's items so you can determine how many mirror cartons you will need. The box comprises two cartons that can be put together, so they are flexible enough to fit various-sized pieces.

Dish pack. It can be stressful to move, especially when packing up your dishes, crystal, antiques, and valuable china, because if you are not careful, the items can be broken, damaged, or cracked. Multiple layers of extra-strength cardboard are included in the construction of these cartons, making them very safe for shipping.

Small boxes/cartons. The smallest cartons available are safe to carry up to 50 pounds. Books, CDs, lampshades, tools, and canned goods fit perfectly in these boxes.

Medium boxes/cartons (3 cubic ft). Due to their convenient size and ample capacity, these boxes are among the most popular ones available. Boxes of this type are ideal for packaging electronics, pots and pans, clothing, towels, kitchen appliances, and more.

Medium to large boxes/cartons (4.5 cubic ft). Up to 65 pounds of weight can be carried in this box, making it great for hauling linens, large lamps, toys, clothes, and other kitchen items. Packing the container too full is easy since it is more prominent. It would help if you remembered that the larger the box is, the lighter things will fit. If not, the bottom could break and spill/damage your possessions. Over 50 pounds should not be carried in these boxes.

A large carton (6 to 6.5 cubic feet). You can use a container of this size to transport some heavy but bulky or awkward items you need to pack. They are great for stuffed toys, comforters, area rugs, and coats.

Mattress boxes. It may not be necessary to have a mattress box if you're moving quickly and planning to set up a bed (or beds) immediately. However, if you store the mattress for any length of time, a mattress box is highly recommended. In addition to protecting it from being punctured, it will also keep other elements from soiling it. Any size is available, from crib to king.

Moving Box Alternatives

Consider using reusable moving crates instead of moving boxes. Crates for moving and storage are usually available from moving and storage companies. Ask for a price estimate. Compared to traditional cardboard boxes, reusable crates are more durable and more sustainable. 

If you do not have much stuff to move, you can use plastic containers or suitcases. Bed Bath & Beyond and other household stores sell plastic containers.

Alternatively, you can look for free boxes. That could make your move cheaper and greener!

  • Consider reusing the big boxes your packages come in if you order a lot of stuff online. 
  • You can also recycle bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and other protective materials into moving supplies. If they are in reasonable condition, your items will not get damaged in them (especially if you have any heavy-duty items). Also, if you plan a long-distance move, extra care may be required when selecting used boxes because they can break in transport.
  • If no boxes have been left, you can search your apartment building's basement. There's also a good chance that maintenance keeps a bunch of boxes in an office building. 

Get In Touch With Local Movers

To find out if your local movers can help you with packing or unpacking, reach out to them directly. Furthermore, moving companies across New York (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens) offer same-day delivery services for moving kits. Get a free moving quote to learn how much these services will cost. 

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