What to Do if You Have Unwanted Furniture in New York

Do you need help with moving? You can call on us for expert assistance. We provide quality moving services at affordable rates. Furniture is a big problem when moving in or to NYC. The city has some of the smallest apartments, and most people have too many pieces to store or transport. It can be challenging for one person to move an old couch without breaking it apart first. It's easy to get rid of some stuff or turn it into cash. Furniture is not among those items, especially in a city like New York. Usually, furniture is too large and heavy to be transported and sold without large vehicles and multiple people. If you don't want to hire a mover, you can properly dispose of unwanted furniture in a few different ways, and all of them are kosher!

Take note, if you're planning on getting rid of some old furniture, make sure to empty all the compartments beforehand. Who knows what might be lost inside? There could have been a remote control or old keys hiding in plain sight. Check between cracks and storage areas for anything as well.

Dump Old Furniture

A good and easy way to discard furniture is by dumping it. But, how do you dump your trash without getting in trouble? You need a mattress bag or some other kind of plastic cover for something as big as a mattress you no longer want. Keeping it contained prevents bed bugs from infesting the item or spreading. Most buildings will have stipulations on what can be disposed of, so make sure that's taken care of.

NYC buildings have a different set of rules for disposing of large items. They might burn these things or recycle them, but they will never allow you to place an item in the wrong spot too long and make it difficult for others who need to use that space as well. If this is something your building restricts putting on certain days, consider hiring someone like 1-800-GOT JUNK so you can get rid of all those junk items without any hassle at all.

Donating Furniture: Pick Up Service

New York City and the boroughs have several charitable organizations that will gladly take your old furniture off your hands. They'll pick it up, too! To name a few:

City Opera Thrift Shop

There's an opportunity to support the arts in New York City by donating your good condition furniture products. They'll pick up 5-7 days after you call, and they're available 8 am – 2 pm Monday through Friday!

Angel Street Thrift Shop

Located on 17th Street in New York City, this thrift shop is a great place to find new clothes and furniture at affordable prices. They support substance abuse programs and Bridge2Life Camp & Charles Evans Kids Club for children with HIV/AIDS. The store also provides free pickup service, which includes the greater New York area.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Habitat for Humanity is a charitable organization specializing in helping families get homes around the world. They often sell gently used furniture at their ReStores to help fund these efforts. If you have an old couch or bookshelf from your home they can use, send them pictures of it!

Sell Your Unneeded Furniture

If you paid for your furniture, then someone else might want to buy it from you. Even though time has worn away at the condition of most used furniture, there are still people who would be interested in purchasing a piece that is no longer new after years and years of use!

AptDeco initially launched as a safe alternative to Craigslist nearly ten years ago. Now, it's one of the most popular furniture marketplaces in the tri-state area for both new and pre-owned items. AptDeco is free for sellers; they help coordinate pickup and delivery when an item sells – but you'll have to pay them between 25% (for lower-priced products) up to 38% (if you're selling something pricier).

To search for the perfect vintage item, Etsy is a great option. The online marketplace has millions of users worldwide and offers an impressive collection of original handmade creative items and furniture and antiques from years ago. When looking for new items or items to sell, browse through thousands of unique listings on this website before making your decision!

Kaiyo is an online furniture marketplace that makes sustainability the core focus. They take care of much work for sellers, and they make sure items stay out of landfills by arranging white-glove service pick up expert cleaning and studio lighting photos with free shipping costs on top (minus commission). If your unsold item has been languishing in storage too long, Kaiyo will contact local charities to see if they can donate it.

There are a variety of repurposing options available. You could donate, sell, or even give away your old furniture. With a quick sweep of the city, you can find solutions for your old furniture dilemma. There's no need to let it rot in your apartment any longer!

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