Wildlife Tour in the Bronx Zoo in New York City

Check Out the Bronx Zoo in New York City

The Bronx Zoo is the biggest urban zoo in the United States, consisting of 265 acres of natural environments and over 4,000 animals. The Zoo was opened on November 8, 1899, and was concentrated on preservation– something it still practices today. The Bronx Zoo is owned and run by the Wildlife Conservation Society (previously referred to as the New York Zoological Society) and was among the first zoos in America that moved animals from cages to stretching, duplicated living environments. Types are blended to produce a more reasonable environment for the animals and the zoo customers. The Zoo charges entry costs to help in the maintenance and conservation of the exhibition's types. Looking for Best Movers in Bronx? Get Free Quotes from Top Moving Companies Today!

Congo Gorilla Forest

Among the Bronx Zoo gems is the Congo Gorilla Forest, which includes over 400 animals and 55 various types (and 22 gorillas), along with 15,000 plants representing 400 types. The 6.5-acre forest is the biggest manufactured jungle worldwide. The Congo Gorilla Forest is house to Patty Cake, the first gorilla ever born in New York City. Furthermore, the Bronx Zoo has nearly an acre of an indoor Asian rainforest.

Another fascinating environment is the African Planes environment, where the zoo employees have actually incorporated a variety of predator/prey types separated by a fancy system of moats. Lions, zebras, giraffes, and other savannah-dwelling animals reside in this environment.

World of Darkness

Another area is World of Darkness, an indoor exhibition dedicated to nighttime animals; Tiger Mountain, an acclaimed 3-acre house for Siberian tigers; Himalayan Highlands, a one-acre environment authentically embellished by a Tibetan monk; Baboon Reserve, with a simulated historical dig; the Bengali Express, a two-mile monorail flight through different environments; the Aquatic Birdhouse; the Giraffe Building, and the World of Reptiles. The Children's Zoo includes a range of interactive activities, such as climbing up a spider's web, crawling through a meadow canine tunnel, crawling like a lizard down a hollow tree, and, obviously, a petting zoo.

Bronx Zoo Bison

The zoo has a unique relationship with bison and snow leopards. The bison design for the buffalo nickel was a Bronx Zoo homeowner. Numerous of today's bison in the Western U.S. are descendants of Bronx Zoo bison. William T. Hornaday cultivated a deep interest in the American bison, which numbered over 50 million. In the 1890s, less than 1,000 bison were believed to exist in the wild.

In October of 1899, Hornaday got bison for the Bronx Zoo and started to develop a herd. By 1907, the Bronx Zoo had the ability to deliver fifteen bison to Oklahoma's Wichita Mountain Preserve. Soon afterward, bison were offered to Montana, South Dakota, and Nebraska. A number of the bison in the Western U.S today came from the bison at the Bronx Zoo. The Bronx Zoo was the first zoo in the Western Hemisphere to effectively reproduce snow leopards; an overall of 82 cubs was born between 1966 and 1999.

The Bronx Zoo has academic home entertainment for the whole household and is open all year. Some tourist attractions need a different admission cost. Kids under 2 years of age are complimentary.

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