Cape Cod Paddleboard

Cape Cod Paddleboard

Are you new to paddle boarding, or have you always wanted to try it? You may even own a paddle board or had one in the past. Should you fit into any of these categories, you could enjoy many benefits when you look to us at Rideaway Adventures for Cape Cod paddleboard rental.

Here at Rideaway Adventures, our riders find it convenient and rewarding to rent a kayak or paddleboard rather than going through the process of buying, storing, and toting their own to and from home. We make it easy for you to gain access to this popular water sport and offer the option to buy paddle boats and try out different vessels before diving into kayak sales.

These are just a few of the reasons to rent a Cape Cod paddleboard from us this weekend or on your next vacation in the area:

  1. We offer the best value within the water sports world.
    Rentals for various water sports can become expensive with some vendors. However, we work to ensure we always have affordable kayak tours and paddle board rentals and have the best selection whenever someone comes by to buy paddle boats. We have you covered whether you want to go out for two hours or an entire afternoon.
  2. Rentals are straightforward and convenient.
    Rideaway Adventures provides three easily accessible waterfront locations where you can pick up your paddle board rental. This is the perfect way to take the hassle out of packing a paddle board on your vehicle and heading off to your destination. You must schedule your rental, arrive at your chosen waterfront location, and begin your adventure.
  3. Always the best equipment.
    Rather than having to spend a pretty penny to buy your own paddle board or kayak, all you have to do is rent one of our amazing options. We have lightweight, stable boards from the top brands. Everything has been selected and testing by our team, so we know we are bringing you nothing but the best at rental pricing.
  4. Our staff is incredible.
    When you want an adventure around Cape Cod with zero hassle and great equipment, the excellent staff is the cherry on top. All of our guide staff are fully ACA certified, and we are here to address any questions or concerns you have before you begin your experience. Whether you are a beginner or paddle boarding for the 100th time, you can count on our team to ensure you have a great time every time.

There is nothing quite like renting a Cape Cod paddleboard so that you can see all of the beauty that the Cape has to offer. Whether you want to take a guided tour or are ready to schedule a day out on the water solo, with family, or with a group of friends, we have you covered at Rideaway Adventures. Get in touch with us today to learn about our equipment, inquire about events and activities, or book your service! You can reach us by calling (508) 247-0827, and a member of our team is available to assist.

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Cape Cod Paddleboard

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