Insulated Shipping Containers For Sale

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Insulated Shipping Containers For Sale

Insulated steel storage containers for rent and for sale have a tough built that can withstand exposure to harsh weather conditions in various transportation setups. Each container from our shipments has high reusability because they have superior engineering. 

The city of the store

Pesa Containers has shipment routes of insulated shipping containers for sale between Europe and South Africa. We ship goods to clients in both areas but do not find value in shipping back empty containers. This setup allows us to open a business opportunity to another group of clients – buying of containers.

While our staff works to discuss all the different ways we can store and ship containers, a separate point of the business aims to serve all clients with esteem. Our expertise allows us to save customers the money and time they would spend working with a distant seller. The stores maintain the integrity of shipping containers by considering the local weather condition and the condition of the container.

Reasons to buy insulated containers are better


40ft refrigerated shipping containers for sale have the sole purpose of maintaining excellent structural integrity in harsh sea weather. Our containers withstand wind gusts of averagely 100mph and extreme sun heat.

The benefits of these insulated containers include moving sensitive cargo like pharmaceutical chemicals and foods. Thin walls of a dry container are easily susceptible by external climates such as sweltering summers or cold winters. Insulated containers maintain consistently favorable temperatures and minimize condensation, which triggers a rusting problem and shortens the life length of the materials in use.


A 40' insulated container is the kind of holder one would love to own when they are not particular with the position of the building. You can live in a container within your land and move it around as many times as necessary before the final construction. The ability to move the insulated container around the property saves the business or homeowners plenty of money on semi-permanent structures.

Environmentally viable

Another environmental benefit of insulated shipping containers for sale is that they require minimal to zero excavation. This option has an automatic saving on mortar, wood, and bricks.

Statistics indicate that there are 500,000 shipping containers in ports around the world. Reusing a container as a building saves approximately 8000 pounds of discarded steel. The best part is that to buy a 40' shipping container offers better flexibility than a standard house because you can reuse them several times for a new purpose. 

Construction timeline

A brick and mortar construction has aggressive deadlines and an uncertain future of development. You may exceed the set timeframe due to a delay of specific resources or unpredictable weather that limits the construction time zone. Business owners save themselves the excess hassle by using insulated shipping containers. They qualify as foundations for any industry in all states.

We have 40 ft. insulated shipping containers that can accommodate a house design or an office. The predesigned steel anti-vandal containers with office and meeting spaces. Contact us to learn about the specifics of what is currently in stock, queries of invoice pricings and coupons, and arrangement of shipments within three business days.

Insulated Shipping Containers For Sale
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