Movers Nampa

Movers Nampa

At Space Age Movers, we offer a variety of moving services in Nampa, ID. We can handle moves anywhere in Nampa, across the state, and anywhere in the country. If you are in Nampa and planning a move, contact us today at 208-376-4611 for a free moving quote.

Overview Of Our Moving Services

Residential Moving Services

At Space Age Movers, we handle moves for large homes, condos, and apartments of all sizes. Our team can handle any move, whether across Nampa, anywhere in Idaho, or any location in the United States. We are committed to making your residential move easy while providing excellent customer service.

Commercial Moving Services

At Space Age Movers, we relocate small businesses and large companies throughout Idaho and the surrounding area with a minimal business interruption. Let the team at Space Age Movers help you plan and execute your business move so that you can focus on your productivity.

Long-Distance Moving service

Moving across the country or the state? Space Age Movers got you covered. We’re here to help you with various long-distance moves. Our years of experience in this industry have given us the knowledge and expertise required to handle any relocation in the country.

Storage Services

At Space Age Movers, we offer storage services for many reasons. Whether downsizing, decluttering or moving, our storage system is safe for all of your belongings. From art pieces to simple things like furniture, we have a storage system to keep all of your items safe and sound. 

Packing And Unpacking 

Packing and unpacking are some of the most crucial aspects of every move. It may not be easy to pack material or carry boxes. Fortunately, if you decide to hire Space Age Movers, you will get a chance to choose from one of our many moving services, and only one of them is packing and unpacking all of your possession by moving our experienced experts. 

Specialized Move

At Space Age Movers, we have experience moving delicate items. Some of the common items we move include furniture, pianos, appliances, hot tubs, vaults/safes/gun cabinets, fitness equipment, antiques, warehouse, and shop supplies. These items are risky to handle. We even know how to disassemble and assemble cubicles.

Why Space Age Movers

At Space Age Movers, we’re the Nampa Movers with the qualifications you’re looking for in a moving company. We make moves safe, affordable, and efficient. We act as professionals and treat our clients with respect. Some of the ways we make your relocation go smoothly include:

  • We provide a free quote for your move.
  • We are available 24/7 to answer your question.
  • We offer free light disassembly and assembly of furniture
  • We provide a written price estimate for your relocation. No hidden fee or last-minute charges
  • We use blankets to wrap or cover your items so they remain safe and clean during transport.

Need a mover in Nampa? Don’t worry. Space Age Movers got you covered. Contact us today at 208-376-4611 for a free quote. We also accommodate last-minute moves.

Movers Nampa

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