Ontario farm lenders

Why You Should Invest With Ontario Farm Lenders:

If you've been looking for a company to manage your investment, Farm Lender may have the perfect opportunity. Our private mortgage investments offer a higher yield than bonds, GICs or more traditional investments. It's not uncommon for first mortgage investments to yield 8-10%, with second mortgage investments paying up to 15%. Why not give us a call and learn more about putting your money to work through Ontario Farm Lenders?

The bank was once a safe and reliable place to invest and see a healthy return over time, however, smaller and smaller return rates have turned investors away from banks. At Farm Lender, we know that successful lending is built on the foundation of a process that reduces risk and ensures investors avoid loss. Our strategy is based on a process that implements all of the following:

Diversification- what investment experts consider the groundwork of proven returns.
Experience in working with clients from all walks of life.
Solid underwriting to avoid the common pitfalls that best many modern-day investment strategies.
A clear and comprehensive exit plan.
Effective monitoring of the borrower and the property in question during the repayment period.

As an investor through Farm Lender, your investment is secured through the real estate used as collateral. We help to make our investors comfortable by placing more control in your corner, so that when you become one of our Ontario Farm Lenders, you make the decisions regarding which borrowers you'll lend to, and what type of terms and conditions will apply. That means careful consideration to whether you will lend on first or second mortgages; but don't worry- we'll be by your side throughout the process and will help you determine the best course of action from start to finish.

To minimize risk involved in lending, we recommend our lenders agree to lend for 1-2 year terms. You can learn much more about our lending opportunities by giving one of our agents a call at 888-393-8686 or by visiting our ‘Investors' section online. If you'd like to schedule a meeting with us, we'll be happy to sit down with you and provide more details and information on investing to local farm projects. We think you'll be very happy with what you hear, and we'll help you take the first steps in becoming an investor through out firm.

If you have money to invest and are currently seeking an opportunity for a good return, you can join the growing number of Ontario Farm Lenders making it possible for Canadian farm projects to expand. Feel free to fill out our online Investor Information Request form with your details and we'll get back with you promptly by phone. Be sure to let us know the best time to call for an uninterrupted conversation that will provide you with more information regarding our rare opportunity. Don't just invest for the sake of investing; call Farm Lender for a successful experience.

Ontario farm lenders