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Renewing your mortgage is an exciting time for a homeowner in Kelowna. The maturity of your mortgage is a significant milestone and warrants a major decision on your part in order to begin saving money by procuring the best rates out there for your mortgage.
While your current lender is required to send you a renewal notice prior to the maturity of your mortgage, you should begin looking around for a better rate long before you receive your renewal notice. Many homeowners simply sign on the dotted line of their renewal to avoid the process of applying for a a better rate, but you're not obligated to do so.
ResCom wants you to know that their mortgage experts can save you a significant amount of money with a lower rate mortgage. This is possible, since mortgage brokers shop with multiple lenders in order to locate the best mortgage rate for their client. Rescom's professionals deal with major banks, credit unions, trusts and national and regional lenders to secure the lowest rate when you're renewing your mortgage. For Kelowna residents, that translates into significant savings.
ResCom is a full-service residential and commercial mortgage brokerage firm with 35 years of combined experience serving all of British Columbia. As a company, they strive to set the standard for ethics, professionalism and competence. ResCom is committed to delivering to their clients the highest level of personal service while understanding and satisfying the needs of each client as an individual.
When you make the call to ResCom at 855-585-2080, you'll be in touch with the renewing mortgage experts in Kelowna who can help you secure the very best rate. They'll answer your questions and help you apply for a mortgage.
For homeowners with an approaching mortgage renewal, there's no better time to take a look at the innovative options and competitive rates that are available. ResCom can help you get a great rate through the services that they provide. If your mortgage needs have changed over the years, it's a great time to take advantage of your options. For example:
  • Renewing your mortgage allows you to consolidate high-interest debt in with your mortgage, for considerable savings over the years.
  • Renewing lets you tap into some of your home equity for a renovation project or other uses.
  • Renewing a mortgage is a great option if you're considering buying a cottage or investment property.
Do you have the confidence that your current lender will get you the best rate at renewal? If not, take a look at what ResCom is able to provide. Visit their website at rescommortgage.com to learn more about how their professionals can get you a great rate when renewing your mortgage in Kelowna. You can also compare the latest rates while reading about ResCom's investors and services.
Don't just sign on with your current lender because it's the easiest thing to do. Let ResCom save you money when renewing your mortgage by finding you a lower rate than your bank is able to. Call ResCom at 855-585-2080 today or visit the Kelowna section of our website.
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