Shipping Containers For Sale

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Shipping Containers For Sale

When looking for shipping containers for sale, it is essential to look for a product that fits your needs. You can make significant savings by buying used shipping containers for your shipping and storage needs. Pesa container contractors offer quality shipping containers you can rely on.

Cost of Used Shipping Containers

Many shipping companies throughout the world use freight containers of conex boxes to carry cargo. To get a better perspective on how much is a shipping container, a new shipping container could cost between $1,500 and $4,000. However, Pesa container contractors offer used shipping containers that can save you thousands of dollars.

Price Factors

The condition of a shipping container affects its price. Older containers often cost less to buy than newer ones. Find out three things when you buy shipping containers online:

  • If the condition of the shipping container adds up to the price
  • If the shipping container meets your specifications
  • If the shipping container will meet your needs over time

Inspect the shipping container before the purchase to find out if it will stand the test of time. Consider your shipments when shopping for new and used shipping containers for sale. If your shipments are relatively heavy and bulky, find a container with lower risk such as 20 foot shipping containers.

Once you have inspected the shipping container, find out if it meets your specifications. Its build also determines the price of your shipping container. Shipping containers made of quality materials often cost more than the ones that are made of lesser quality materials.


The amount of savings you are likely to make on your purchase is determined by the needs and specifications of the shipping containers you want. You can find 40 foot shipping containers at a lower cost by contacting our representatives at Pesa Container Contractors. 

Most of your savings can be made in used shipping containers. New shipping containers may cost twice as much as used shipping containers. Save money by asking for used shipping containers from Pesa Container Contractors' representatives.

Inspection and Regulations

Used shipping containers can be as reliable and functional as new shipping containers. Pesa Container Contractors sells used shipping containers with marked safety inspections and labels. In addition, the company allows clients to make their inspections before purchasing containers.

One of the cheapest ways to test a container is through personal inspection. Some of the things to check for during the inspection include:

  • Rust and physical damage
  • Doors should open and close easily
  • The container should have even weight distribution

It is essential to discuss inspections with the shipping container company. Pesa Container Contractors make sure all their containers are in excellent condition.


Shipping containers provide excellent means of getting extra storage for short and long-term use. Contrary to the popular misconception, renting a shipping container is not always the cheapest option. If you plan to use a shipping container for a long time, consider buying one instead of renting.

Pesa Container Contractors has many options for those who are shopping for a shipping container. Call us to find out about our shipping containers dimensions.

Shipping Containers For Sale
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