Tipping Long-Distance Movers

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When moving across the country, hiring a long-distance mover is essential to ensure that your belongings get there in one piece. Long-distance moves are different from other moves and can take several weeks to finish. If you’re planning on using this service, make sure you tip them accordingly because a tremendous amount of work goes … Read more

Ultimate Tips For Moving Shipping Containers


Different moving container companies mean different service standards. Some clients have the best experience for their moves. The most significant proportion of them, however, make complaints about a job not well done. While we might not be able to explain exactly what causes problems for certain companies, some things are common. We understand the entire … Read more

Cheapest Way To Move: Long-Distance Moving Tips

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Local Moving Services Are you planning to move neighborhoods? Then local moving companies are here for you. These are companies specialized in relocations within a county or a given region, like moving in The Bronx. Some will, however, incorporate long-distance moving but in a separate department. Most of the time, local moves involve less work. … Read more

Cheapest Way To Move Long Distance

5 star moves llc

The cheapest way to move long distance Bronx moving can be expensive. Many have done it before and have ended up regretting it. As a matter of fact, why go broke relocating to your new city? If you are thinking of moving long-distance, think of how to move cheap. There are very many ways that … Read more

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