5 Star Movers LLC

A full-service moving company that offers proven solutions to all your local and long distance moving needs.
For all your moving requirements, there is one company that aims to offer you a smooth and flawless full-service that can eliminate the common headaches associated with moving. From planning your next move, getting your valuables safely packed, transporting them safely and swiftly, to unpacking, our professionals can definitely help you.

Local And Long Distance Services

Are you planning a move in the tristate area? Or are you just moving a couple of blocks? Regardless of the distance and the scale of the move, you can count on us to make sure that your valuables arrive safely at their next destination.

Using the latest in moving and packaging innovations, and the careful handling of the things that matter to you, we can get even the most fragile of your possessions to your next location using the safest and swiftest means. From fine china, glassware, fragile artwork, and even your expensive appliances, you can depend on us to have your valuables transported safely.

Smooth And Flawless Execution

Everyone knows that even though moving can seem to be fairly simple, it can soon turn out to be a complex process that can really stress you out. The team at 5 Star Movers LLC can help you streamline your next move through careful planning, saving you the stress and hassle. We are a moving company in New York that emphasizes the importance of making our client’s lives as easy as possible.

Reliable And Affordable

We pride ourselves on our years of reliability, but regardless of the services that we offer. We are still one of the most affordable options that offer our clients with competitive pricing. We believe that great service does not have to be expensive and we aim to combine reliability and affordability.

Let us help handle your moving process, while you focus on the other aspects of the move. You can be sure that not only your valuables but even you are always in good hands.

More Than 15 Years of Proven Experience

We have been in the moving industry for more than 15 years, and our professional moving specialists are veterans in their field. Whether it be planning your family’s next move, the safe packaging of all your valuables for transit, or the systematic planning process that we can offer to any of your moving needs, you can be sure that you are dealing with people who truly know their craft. We are fully licensed and insured to cater to all of your moving needs.

Our Proven Systematic Formula

Given our veteran team that always strives to make the most out of the latest innovations in the industry, we have formulas that have provided real solutions to all our clients in the past. We are constantly developing new methodologies and refining our moving systems in order to give you the best service available. If you feel like you are stuck and unable to start the moving process, then contact us. Our team can help you make sense of everything and help you in every step of your moving process.

Let Us Help You!

If you are interested in receiving a quote for your next move, please do not hesitate to contact 5 Star Movers LLC today. Our team of professional moving specialists will be more than willing to answer your questions and assist you with all of your moving concerns.


Many challenges stand your way. You will have personal belongings to pack, endure heavy lifting and you will grimace at the possibility of your expensive items getting broken or being lost while in transit. However, you can avoid all these by seeking the help of professional Bronx Movers who will relocate you quickly and in a cost-effective way.


We Offer More Than an Honest Bronx Moving Service

At Bronx Movers, we know that some people need more than a moving service. They may require help with packing which is something that takes quite some time. Our movers will come to your premises; log each of the items that you have and box it up. This means that you can go about your daily chores as we deal with your relocation.


Movers Bronx Offers Experience and Expertise

At Bronx Movers, we are proud of the fact that we have been serving our esteemed clients for ten years now. During this incredible period, we have gone through many challenges and learned vital lessons. We have had triumphs and celebrated together with our clients. This is why we ask you to offer us a chance to help you with your move and add to the list of satisfied customers who will not hesitate to talk positively about the experience that they had with us.


Bronx Moving Companies Reliability Guaranteed

Our staff is polite, on time and responsible. If we promise that, we will be at your premises at the particular time of the day, which is exactly what we will do. You can rest knowing that a trusted professional is helping you with your move.


Pocket-Friendly Pricing Bronx Moving Company

Our pricing is not only simple but also easy to comprehend. Do we neither charge trip fees nor employ dirty tricks. Before we start the work, we will sign a contract with you, which provides a clear breakdown of the amount that you will pay and for what purpose. We are proud that we can provide our clients with heavenly quality at low prices. We ensure that you get the best deal for your money.


We Are Fully a Licensed and Insured Bronx Mover

BronxMovers is a fully insured and licensed moving business. We work tirelessly towards ensuring that our esteemed clients enjoy premium service at a great price, within the state and beyond. By working with us, you can rest easy, knowing that you are dealing with veteran Bronx Movers who have high regard for public safety and who ensure that customer requirements are exceeded.


We Know the Bronx New York!

We trust our experienced drivers to move your personal belongings to your new destination. At Bronx Movers, our drivers have used the same roads for years and know how to handle transit issues especially when going intestate. They know of the shortest routes to your new home, so you can expect them to arrive quickly. We deserve your trust and will always do more than an ordinary call of duty requires offering you a memorable moving experience.


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