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Let’s face it, everyone knows that moving in multiple locations can be a hassle. That’s why most people dread moving and try to find movers in Yonkers that can handle the entire ordeal on autopilot. Fortunately, we are one of the moving companies of choice for businesses, individuals, and families or just about anyone who is moving within Yonkers, to Yonkers, or from NYC to Yonkers and vice versa. We have the experience, labor, equipment, and vehicles to undertake just about any move in the most professional manner. So if you are looking for a moving help yonkers, or a moving labor services, look no further than our company. Some say that we belong to the cheap movers with in terms of packing services or as a moving service provider, however, cheap doesn’t mean crap, our company ensures that you are provided the most out of your buck. In other words, it only meant affordability since we value our customers’ satisfaction first. 

5 Star Movers LLC is Your Moving Company in Westchester NY

If you are moving to Yonkers NY or moving within the city, it is imperative to find a Relocation company that’s best suited to your needs. Fortunately, between New York City and Yonkers, there are scores of Yonkers moving companies from which to choose. The bad news is that because there are so many moving companies, you need to be savvy in terms of figuring out if the service is offering you the best value for money. Alternatively, you can choose us, since we are one of the most highly rated movers in Yonkers. Further, despite other causes which can affect our costs, such as rental truck factors, our company will still ensure that you that the entire moving process is worth it.

Here is why we are the Relocation company of choice in Yonkers:

  • We have a team of experienced and dedicated professionals. 
  • A fleet of vehicles of all sizes to handle moving at any scale. 
  • A quick and efficient service that responds to clients ASAP. 
  • We handle all aspects of your move from documentation to the final unloading of your belongings. 
  • Always on time. 
  • Well reputed 5-Star service!

Full Service Moving Storage & Accurate Move Estimates

5 Star Movers LLC Yonkers is a professional movers service that specializes in helping people move their office or home to just about anywhere in Yonkers and New York City. As reputed local movers and long-distance moving company in Yonkers, we start by taking inventory of all your belongings, then determine how much total weight we’ll need to move when the time comes. Our team uses the latest equipment and their experience to offer the most accurate estimates based on what we can see.

  • Piano moving services
  • Packing supplies
  • Boxes
  • Trucks
  • Unpacking and Disassembly

Unlike other Westchester NY moving companies, our professional customer service estimator checks all your storage places like garage, cupboards, and bookcases, etc., before coming up with a comprehensive moving plan. However, we urge you to show our estimator any location that they might have missed so that everything can be considered in the estimate offered. We would highly recommend giving us a call ahead of time so we can book you a schedule and a free quote.

It goes without saying that because a large portion of the price estimate is based on the overall weight of your stuff, we strive to make sure that we’ve taken stock of everything that has to be moved and make it a stress-free move. So, our goal is to furnish you with the most accurate estimate.

Unlike other Moving companies in Yonkers, we make sure that the estimates we provide are the most accurate so that you can allocate the right budget ahead for the moving day.

We Say “No” to Large Deposits 

Unlike other moving companies in Westchester NY, we don’t believe in asking our clients to make a significant deposit. While a deposit does show that you are serious and committed to moving, over the years, we’ve made sure that it isn’t substantial enough to cause you financial inconvenience if you decide to reschedule or cancel your decision to move.

You only pay the majority of what you owe us once the move is completed. Our Yonkers movers also accept all standard forms of payment, like credit/debit cards, checks, etc.

Secured Moving Contracts 

Many moving companies in Yonkers, Westchester may switch up on you because they use a blank moving contract. You never want to sign a blank contract, that’s just bad practice with any moving company Westchester NY. The estimate and any moving storage services fee should be clearly listed, as well as the pickup and delivery dates. That’s exactly why our contracts are thorough, and we urge clients to read it carefully.

If you find items that need to be moved and not listed in the contract, please let us know about it. For instance, if your laptop isn’t labeled on the inventory that you sign, then it can’t be expected to be in the box when it arrives at your new home. You also won’t be able to file a claim for something that isn’t on the inventory. So make sure to let us know and double-check the contract, just in case our Yonkers movers miss something.

Trusted Relocation Company in Yonkers NY

One of the keys to our success in Yonkers and New York City as local movers has been to ensure that our clients’ valuable belongings always arrive the way they were packed. We take special care to ensure that each item is professionally inspected and packed based on its fragility. For instance, furniture, hardwood floors, china, glass, and other fragile items are wrapped in a way so that it minimizes the chances of damage. Over the years, the extra work we’ve put in to ensure the integrity of our clients’ or homeowners’ belongings and possessions has earned us a reputation for being extra careful.

We also clearly mark each box and item so that it is efficiently and carefully stacked to minimize damage during transportation. It goes without saying that most items tend to get damaged when in transit but not with us. Whether you’re moving from Manhattan to Yonkers or within Yonkers, regardless of the distance, your belongings are bound to arrive in one piece, undamaged.

Moving is a Cinch when you Choose Moving Companies Westchester NY

Your friends, family, bosses, and maybe your next-door neighbors just used our service! We have helped dozens of families move over the years and our key to success has always been people more than happy to recommend us to everyone they know. We continue to make moving for families and businesses a cinch, by handling everything related to the move, so that you don’t have to.

If you want a genuinely professional and carefree moving experience, then look no further than us! Feel free to contact us for a quote, or to find out more about our services across Yonkers. We are the highest rated movers Yonkers, trusted by hundreds if not thousands of people who have us on their quick dial! So, call us today for a quote.

Other Neighborhoods in Yonkers We Serve

Serving Yonkers, we also operate in the neighborhoods of Southeast Yonkers, Lincoln Park, Park Hill, Ludlow, Nodine Hill, Dunwoodie, Alexander Smith Carpet Mills, Cedar Knolls, Kentucky, Whitney Young, Northwest Yonkers, Colonial Heights, Homefield, Northeast Yonkers, Beech Hill.

Aside from moving the Westchester county area, We also offer our relocation services on other states and areas like Connecticut, Florida, Texas, Chicago, and other areas in the United States.

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