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Trying to move into a new building or a home in Mt. Vernon can be stressful and occupy a good portion of any week. Not only will you need to handle everything from packing to inventory but also plow the market for the best insurance, which we assure you isn’t easy. That is why smart families and businesses leave the moving to our Relocation service. We are the leading moving services in Mt. Vernon NY and handle everything imaginable and associated with your Relocation so that you don’t have to!

Ours is a fully licensed Moving company Mount Vernon with over fifteen years of experience helping businesses and families move. Regardless of if you’re moving with a large family, or from multiple offices, we have the expertise and capability to handle any move or storage needs in Mount Vernon.

A Seasoned Team of Relocation Experts

We have been working in Mt. Vernon as a Moving company for a very long time, in addition to serving New York and Yonkers as well as other cities. The team at 5 Star Movers LLC Mount Vernon has a reputation for being professional and being able to handle some of the hardest Relocation you can ever imagine. Regardless of whether it is an interstate move or an intrastate move, our team works to make it hassle-free for you by handling everything required.

We can also help by pointing you in the direction of additional services like temporary storage units, or perhaps recommend an insurance company to get your belonging insured. The goal, after all, is to help ensure the smoothest possible move by planning every step with you ahead of time.

We Don’t Insist on a Large Deposit

Other Moving companies in Mt. Vernon, may ask clients for a pretty significant deposit to book the service. Some may even ask for payment upfront. That is not how we at 5 Star Movers LLC Mount Vernon operate. Our deposits are small and realistic. We don’t expect our clients to pay for a job that we’ve yet to do, so no advance payments. All payments are made after the move is completed satisfactorily. However, we urge clients to work with us to make their move as smooth and hassle-free relocation as possible.

Well Packed and Efficiently Transported

We make sure to pack all your belongings and equipment in a way so that it isn’t damaged during the move. Depending on what is being moved, our team of experts will figure out the best way to pack it. That is why we don’t have a one size fits all packing policy because every item is different in terms of value and fragility. However, if there are items we need to be particularly careful of when moving, please feel free to let us know and we’ll handle it with extreme care.

Call Us Today for a Hassle-Free Move

We know that moving is a hassle; there are several moving parts that need to be managed and which require experience. That’s where our team of experts comes in. Whether you are in the Staples area or near Mount Vernon East station, working with us is a breeze and there is nothing to worry about. Call us today to schedule a walkthrough and get your FREE estimate quote.

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